JONATHAN A. KNEE reviews ‘The Content Trap’ in the NY Times. Extract below:

“…Given how many media businesses have been turned into roadkill on the digital superhighway, “The Content Trap: A Strategist’s Guide to Digital Change” (Random House) is a remarkably optimistic book. In Dr. Anand’s view, those who have failed to thrive in this environment often have only themselves to blame for falling into a “content trap.” His criticism extends to all those both inside and outside media whose strategic response to the emergence of digital competitors reflects “a bias towards content, product and quality.”

Rather than embrace the opportunities afforded by the internet to make new “connections” across customers, products and functions, unsuccessful companies have looked inward and made unwise content investments in a futile effort to forestall the inevitable digital future. Although the term “connections” is stretched far beyond its usefulness in an effort to establish a unifying conceptual framework for the book, Dr. Anand’s essential point seems to be that modern businesses can thrive by taking advantage of opportunities to foster valuable interactions with and among customers as well as complementary businesses and capabilities made available by the internet…”

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