Data-driven subscription audience growth

INMA 2017 Finalist

The Herald Sun – a daily metropolitan tabloid newspaper based in Melbourne, Australia – is a digital innovator. Over the span of a decade we have worked furiously to build a loyal digital audience on multiple platforms spanning mobile, desktop, apps and social channels.

Leading edge results have included:

  • Growing our overall paid audience through digital and print innovations;

  • Becoming one of the first metropolitan sites in the world to implement a digital subscription strategy in 2012;

  • Launching the biggest digital fantasy sports competition in Australia

  • Winning a host of major national editorial awards for digital news coverage.

We have maintained a significant readership despite an aggressive paywall strategy, with our overall digital audience the second biggest in Australia for a site operating such a model, and still among the 10 biggest news audiences in the country among mostly free news services.

Our newspaper also remains the single best selling daily in Australia.

How have we done this?

By knowing our audience and tailoring content to them.

In 2015, after two years as a metered paid content site, the Herald Sun instituted a freemium model with a 50/50 split between free content and stories requiring a subscription to read.

An issue we soon encountered was churn. Around half the subscribers that signed up decided they weren’t seeing value in the product.

In addition to our marketing efforts, we tasked editorial with engaging subscribers

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