The gold standard of presentation pointers

Logitech Spotlight, £119.99

“Logitech’s new Spotlight clicker has quickly been adopted as the preferred pointer for TED talks. And it’s easy to see why. It is so much better than anything else available that it is almost a category unto itself. The good‑looking and highly intuitive gadget’s coolest trick is that it can circle a section of a slide and spotlight it – even magnify it – to emphasise its importance. This looks really slick and should wake up the most disengaged audience (at least until it becomes a well-known presentational flourish).

For me, the best feature is that the Spotlight can be set to vibrate in your hand at specific times – so no more colleagues frantically making cut-throat gestures to warn you your time is up. I also like that the Spotlight stays on permanently, which in turn prevents the presentational catastrophe of your laptop going to sleep mid-show.”

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