Scholarly Publishing Platforms – The Only Constant is Change

When scholarly publishing platforms first came into being, they offered scholarly publishers an online presence, and not much more than that. But times have changed, customers have evolved, and buying criteria are evolving. Now, Scholarly publishing platforms must expand their focus beyond the classic content of the print journal to include multi-media, data, metadata and semantics, analytics, applications, dynamically generated collections, and more. User experience matters. Data matters. Agility matters. Times have changed and so have they. This session focuses on what scholarly publishers need in a hosted publishing platform and how these platforms are meeting those needs. Key topics include knowing the individual user, building a compelling user experience, making content portable, and content monetization.

Moderator: Ann Michael, President, Delta Think, LLC

Panelists: Kevin Cohn, Vice President, Operations, Atypon

Gerry Grenier, Staff Director, Publishing Technologies, IEEE, Inc.

Joy Moore, Chief Product Strategist , Silverchair Information Systems

Tom Rump, Managing Director, HighWire Press, Stanford University

Louise Russell, Chief Operating Officer, Publishing Technology


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