Challenges of Eastern European Research Evaluation in a Global Competitive Environment

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This guest post is contributed by Beatriz Benitez, Librarian at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

After a beautiful lunch under the sun in the garden, 3AM audience attended to Challenges of Eastern European research Evaluation in a Global Competitive Environment panel, comprised of representatives from Eastern Europe.

Ivona Olariu from Romania presented a study of quality and quantity of Romanian publications included in Web of Science and Scopus. Data collected represent 73 Romanian institutions. Two interesting findings are: to have access to scientific literature increases the quality of Romanian papers and, institutions with top downloads are also the ones that have a higher publication average.

Secondly, Elena Zulidova’s presentation deals with Russian Science Citation Index which searches, tracks and measures Russian research, including 1,5 million of new documents every year. This search engine is also available on Web of Science .

Eleonora Dagiene, from Lithuania, talked about research assessment in Lithuania. They have passed through different criteria for the last years, based on impact factor, for the STEM and national experts evaluation, for SS&H. For the future she mentioned: a ranking system for journal and series, internationalization, external funding, more interdisciplinary research. Also, she envisioned that the methodology should be based on numbers and technologies and the process of gathering data should be automatic.

At the end she proposes to use altmetrics data from: Crossref, Impactstory, Altmetric, Plos…

An interesting question closing the panel came from the audience and the experts have been asked for their wish in a year and five years future.


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