oaDOI integrated into the SFX link resolver

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We’re thrilled to announce that oaDOI is now available for integration with the SFX link resolver. SFX, like other OpenURL link resolvers, makes sure that when library users click a link to a scholarly article, they are directed to a copy the library subscribes to, so they can read it.

But of course, sometimes the library doesn’t subscribe. This is where oaDOI comes to the rescue. We check our database of over 80 million articles to see if there’s a Green Open Access version of that article somewhere. If we find one, the user gets directed there so they can read. Adding oaDOI to SFX is like adding ten million open-access articles to a library’s holdings, and it results in a lot more happy users, and a lot more readers finding full text instead of paywalls. Which is kind of our thing.

The best part is, it’s super easy set up, and of course completely free. Since SFX is used today by over 2000 institutions, we’re really excited about how big a difference this can make.

Edited march 28, 2017. There are now over 600 libraries worldwide using the oaDOI integration, and we’re handling over a million requests for fulltext every day.


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