How do people find your papers?

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Academia Introduces a new Premium Feature

“Someone just searched for you on Google and found your page on” Ever received this email and wondered how you were found? Google stopped providing us most of these terms in 2011, so for now, keep on wondering.

But, if you do wonder, then check out our newest premium feature, “ Searches”! In the keywords tab of your analytics, you’ll see what search terms others use on to find your papers. This can help you understand what specifically about your work is attracting attention, and perhaps even help direct your next project.

You can view the terms for every search where we suggest your paper, and the rank of your paper on the results page. (The search term is premium, the rank is free!). As always, the external keywords sent to us by Google, Yahoo and Bing are still free, and still in your keywords tab of analytics!

Academia’s mission is to make all research available for free to everyone in the world. Upgrading to premium is a way to support this mission and help make all scholarship and science easily and freely accessible to everyone, not just those affiliated with well-endowed institutions.

Academia Premium also includes features such as Mentions, Readers, Advanced Search and Extra Analytics, in addition to Searches. If you don’t see these features, we probably haven’t rolled them out to you yet. We expect a full site-wide rollout within a couple of months. If you’d like early access, let us know at!

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