Introducing co-authored papers.

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We now support multiple authors on papers uploaded to

In research, we stand on the shoulders of giants past. We gather together with our peers to clarify, develop, and validate new insights.

To reflect the collaborative nature of research, now supports adding co-authors to papers. That simple act is an act of sharing — sharing credit for work done, and sharing your research with a wider audience. Here are some ways adding co-authors will improve your experience:

Increased Exposure: Adding co-authors increases the ways that a paper can be discovered.

Saved Time: The papers of tagged co-authors appear across many profiles, enabling all authors to take credit for their contributions, and saving busy researchers from repeated uploads.

Sharing Analytics: When your co-author uploads a paper and tags you, you immediately gain access to the analytics for that paper. Co-authors share the views, downloads, and bookmarks of works they’ve been added to.

Building connections between researchers is at the center of Adding co-authors to your papers is a great way to strengthen your existing connections and accelerate the dissemination of important research in the process.

Co-authors can be added to your existing papers here:

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