HTML First?: Testing an alternative approach to producing JATS from arbitrary (unconstrained or “wild”) .docx (WordML) format

XSweet, a toolkit under development by the Coko Foundation, takes a novel approach to data conversion from .docx (MS Word) data. Instead of trying to produce a correct and full-fledged representation of the source data in a canonical form such as JATS, XSweet attempts a less ambitious task: to produce a faithful rendering of a Word document’s appearance (conceived of as a “typescript”), translated into a vernacular HTML/CSS. It is interesting what comes out from such a process, and what doesn’t. And while the results are barely adequate for reviewing in your browser, they might be “good enough to improve” using other applications.

One such application would produce JATS. Indeed it might be easier to produce clean, descriptive JATS or BITS from such HTML, than to wrestle into shape whatever nominal JATS came back from a conversion processor that aimed to do more. This idea is tested with a real-world example.

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