OSF Preprints and Innovation in Scholarly Communication

Brian Nosek and Rusty Speidel provide a summary of OSF Preprints and where the service is heading.

OSF Preprints is an interface built on the Open Science Framework–a scholarly commons supporting the documentation, archiving, and sharing of data, materials, and outcomes of the research lifecycle. OSF Preprints has three defining features:

  • Aggregated.  Powered by SHARE, OSF Preprints aggregates search across preprint services.  Eleven are integrated so far, including arXiv, bioRxiv, PeerJ, and RePEc, representing access to over 2 million preprints.
  • Brandable. Any group that wants to offer a preprint service can launch and manage a fully functional service for their community.
  • Open-source.  OSF Preprints and the OSF supporting it are public goods infrastructure, with a public roadmap.

OSF Preprints is available as a general preprint service that accepts submissions from any domain of scholarship. However, the real power of the public infrastructure is in supporting branded services run by communities themselves.  So far, five branded services are in production: SocArXiv for the social sciences, PsyArXiv for psychology, engrXiv for engineering, and the new AgriXiv for the agricultural sciences and BITSS for social sciences research methodology.  Across these new services, more than 2,000 preprints are posted already and growth is accelerating.”

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