PubMed: Redesigning citation data management

Over the last couple years, we have drastically changed the systems and process used to manage PubMed citation data. It began with revising long-standing NLM policies and reducing reliance on manual citation corrections, then culminated with the release of the PubMed Data Management (PMDM) system in October 2016. With PMDM, we introduced a single system for managing citation data with a UI for editing citation data. In this brave new world, the responsibility for correcting citation data shifted from NLM Data Review to PubMed data providers. Any errors reported in PubMed citations are now forwarded to the publisher ― a strategy that publishers have enthusiastically upheld. Here, we outline how the systems and process for managing PubMed citation data have changed, and detail the outcome of these changes since PMDM was launched.

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