Why The Economist’s strategy rests on being “an antidote to Kardashian coverage”

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While the majority of the world is panicking about the destabilising effects of Brexit, a Trump presidency and other potentially catastrophic developments, some publications are rejoicing.

Choice quotes:

“Standage estimates that, while around 50 percent of the Economist’s revenue came from advertising at the turn of the dotcom boom, that figure will be closer to 14 percent next year.”

“The Economist saw 13.9 growth in digital subscriptions in the year to December 2016, demonstrating that there’s an appetite for its global approach to explaining the issues.”

“We make these mini-doc series that are editorially independent but are sponsored, but then we do short extracts of those and short films derived from those which we put on social. We do other short films to keep the audience warm on social, and those two parts of the model reinforce each other.”

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