How our userhelp team became more digitally focused

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Embedding our userhelp team within development helped us gain a much better relationship with our readers.

The Guardian digital’s userhelp team, based in our London office, is the first point of contact for users requiring assistance with the Guardian website and native apps. The variety of queries that have poured into the Userhelp inbox has varied enormously over time, mirroring the fast pace of technological change that has occurred over the past few years.

As mobile web browsing overtakes desktop for the first time, the focus of the questions sent in to userhelp has shifted accordingly. Users ask for more help to access content on their mobile devices, and maintain accessibility while on the move. A user is as likely to be asking about offline downloads while they read the Guardian app on their commute, as they are to ask about the whereabouts of that day’s crossword on their desktop computer.

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