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I’m very pleased to announce today that we are relaunching The New York Times Open blog. In the process, we are making three important changes:

First, while the blog began life with an engineering focus, we are expanding coverage to include everyone who builds our digital products at the Times. You’ll see posts on design, product development, management, editorial, and yes, definitely engineering. Most posts will come from our team, but you may also see occasional guest posts, from people we are collaborating with in some way.

Second, we are greatly increasing our output. Previously we posted “every sometimes”, but from now on we are committed to posting weekly — at least. So be sure to follow us here on Medium, as well as on Twitter.

Last, as you can see, we are on Medium! While it may seem strange for us, a publisher, to post on Medium rather than our own platform, we are here for a simple reason: the community. Medium is where so many of our people are, so much of the product, design and development community, so we wanted to be here too.

So what is Times Open all about? Why are we doing this at all? We are very proud of our crew, and want to give them a platform to share the good work they are doing every day. We also want to share with the community, and help others who may be able to learn from our work. Writing is good for the mind — it helps each of us organize our thoughts, and become better communicators and thinkers.

Today we are launching with three new posts:

And you can also take a look at the archives, which we have ported over from the old blog. Here are a few of my favorites:

So take a look, and watch this space. And, huge thanks to Chase Davis, Sarah Bures and Allen Tan for getting this next version of Open off the ground!

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