Newly Launched Publons Academy Offers Peer Review Training

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Publons Academy


In just a few short years, Publons membership has reached more than 80,000, comprising of researchers, editors, and publishers, and by December 2016, that number rose to a solid 100,000 expert reviewers! At present, they currently have over 150,000 researchers. The company recognizes that not all reviewers are equally dedicated to the process, so recognition might help them feel more attached to their assignment. To this end, Publons has invited editors to rate the reviewers using a four-point scale and to provide written remarks. Those with excellent scores are recognized with a gold star on their individual profiles, which can be used as a selling point of their skills in a particular field of study. Written remarks can also be good training tools to improve performance and determine what editors deem important. With continuous feedback from all involved, Publons intends to continue increasing the ways by which researchers, editors, authors, and publishers interact.

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