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If you would like to consider getting involved with the code that we produce the you might find the following information helpful.

First, we have our own chatroom. It runs on the wonderful Mattermost platform (open source). You can find our version running here:

The account creation page is linked from there or you can jump direct to it from here:

The main room ‘Townsquare’ is where the general chitter chatter takes place. Feel free to jump in and introduce yourself. We are a pretty friendly bunch so don’t be scared to yell out with any issues or help you might need or ideas you might have.

Next, you may wish to have a look around our code. We have a few places for you to check out, depending on your interest. As with our chat room we host our code on an open source platform – Gitlab (github is closed source). You can find our Gitlab here:

You can create a new account from the Sign In link, or access it directly here:

You don’t need an account to access any of the code, but you do need one to make any merge requests (same thing as a pull request on github).

As for the code…we have much for you to look at!

Editoria – this is the book production platform you may have heard about. Written in JavaScript on top of PubSweet and using the Wax editor. You can find it here:

xpub  – our very new Journal platform. Written in JavaScript on top of PubSweet and using the Wax editor. It can be found here:

Wax – this is the editor (a web based Word Processor really) we build on top of the substance libs. Written in JavaScript. We are doing a lot of work on this at the moment. It is of use as a standalone app, but also good wrapped up in PubSweet to make your own bespoke platform. You can find Wax here:

INK – INK is our framework for managing file conversion, entity extraction, content enrichment etc etc. It consists of an API (written in Rails) and a client (written in JS, the client is generally used for admin purposes). You can find the api and the client here:

INK steps can be found here:

XSweet – XSweet is our file conversion scripts for MS Word to HTML. Written in XSLT. You can find them here:

PubSweet – and lastly, our decoupled CMS, the app that enables us to build platforms and reuse all these juicy components, is to be found here:

As you can see, we have a lot going on! Many products in play. If you would like to learn more please jump into Mattermost and say hi! We welcome code contribs, ideas to improve the technologies, questions about what we are trying to do – or anything else you have to say!

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