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Today, we’re happy to announce the launch of Gateways on Wellcome Open Research. This new functionality will enable Wellcome centres, institutions and funded projects to create their own dedicated space on our platform and collate any research published relating to it in one searchable domain.

With Wellcome Open Research being an author-led platform, the Gateways are a natural extension that gives all Wellcome-funded researchers and communities the opportunity to create their own branded “publishing home” for their research outputs designed to suit their needs.

The first Gateway to be launched on the platform is for one of the Africa programmes, the KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme (KWTRP), Kenya. Since the launch of Wellcome Open Research, KWTRP have embraced the platform to publish different research types of research (original research, methodologies, systematic reviews) recognising the advantages of publishing in this way. With a growing number of published articles, they felt that bringing all these together in one place would help to showcase their research even further.

WOR Advisory board member and Executive director of KWTRP, Philip Bejon said:

“We’ve enjoyed the ability to rapidly share research findings, analysis and data through the Wellcome Open Research platform.  A specific gateway to connect and recognize our work provides a sense of ownership and enhances the experience for all.”

WOR author and KEMRI Gateway Advisor, Ifedayo Adetifa said:

“I recently tried out Wellcome Open Research as an author and enjoyed the novelty of playing a more active role in selection of reviewers. More importantly, the whole process from submission to publication was easy, transparent and quick. So, I look forward to more publications and contributing as a gateway advisor to promote KEMRI’s gateway.”

As well as providing a central place to host research relating to a specific centre/project, the Gateways also enables their owners to showcase the identity of their centre/project. Readers are made aware from the article level that the work is related to other related research on the platform. By exploring this, the reader will find more research from a specific community and can then easily search through relevant content using the dedicated filters specific to the gateway. This allows for further engagement, whilst also giving the reader easy accessibility to more related research.

The Gateways also enable their owners to put across more information about their projects and links to their latest news helping provide more context to what they are trying to achieve to the reader. All in all, the Gateways have been created to help support and build new research communities in an open and collaborative way.

We will be launching more Gateways on the platform in the near future. If you are a Wellcome-funded researcher who would like to discuss the idea of using a Gateway for your own research then please do get in contact with us – we would love to hear from you!

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