How the Skimm Became a Must-Read for Millennials

“It might be helpful to think of the Skimm as a millennial-friendly update to Henry Luce’s original Time magazine, combining an earnest journalistic comprehensiveness with in-jokes. As the name implies, the Skimm won’t satisfy any deep intellectual curiosity; it will help you avoid seeming uninformed at a cocktail party, though. Each blast consists of news summaries and links about politics, business, culture, and sometimes sports (under the heading “Balls”). It’s a throwback, especially at a time when new-media outlets such as BuzzFeed are tailoring content to readers based on interests or identities in the hope that it goes viral on Facebook and Twitter. The Skimm has a website and Facebook page, too, but the vast majority of readers consume it as an e-mail. There is no customization. There are no hot takes.”

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