How to Tell the Story of Metrics Inside Your News Organization

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Ryan Sholin presented at Poynter’s Measuring Journalism event this month and shared the talk on his blog. He has kindly allowed us to republish it here. Slides are also available.

I love it when the numbers jump off the screen.

In my dozen-plus years in the news business, whenever I’m asked — often in a job interview — what my favorite part of my work is, I tell a little story about the first time I took a serious look at an analytics report for multiple news sites, back at GateHouse Media. Sure, I had been responsible for paying attention to Omniture (or was it still HitBox?) back at the Santa Cruz Sentinel, and we even had a pretty cool heatmap plugin of some sort which let us see how stories on the homepage were doing. (This was years before Chartbeat.) But at GateHouse, I worked with around 125 community newspaper sites.

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