Launching your own academic journal shouldn’t just be a pipedream!

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This post is for you if you don’t feel you have a home for your research. It’s for you if you are in a niche field not well covered by broader journals or part of a community that is growing in confidence, but hasn’t a journal to call its own. Most importantly though, it’s for you if have the will and vision to launch your own journal and help to take back control of publishing.

If you are still reading, then this is you, and we salute you. Your endeavour will make a change for the better. And change in publishing is needed. You are taking back control and will put in the work to make a new journal a reality. We know it’s hard, but isn’t that true of everything worthwhile? We believe in you. Voices like yours must be heard. You have the contacts to bring together an impressive editorial board. You will mobilise reviewers and attract the best papers to increase the quality and quantity of research published in your area. If you don’t do this, then who will?

Your journal is your mission, but we will help. You needn’t do this alone. We have cloud-based systems to handle the backend processes. Our submission, peer review and publishing systems are user friendly and make your content discoverable. You only need to focus on your editorial roles. And don’t worry about cost, we have you covered! You are just starting out and will publish few papers — so why not do it for free? We will give you the systems, a website and PDF articles (with DOIs) that are indexed in Google Scholar. There’s no catch, we just want to help get your journal started. You can set up your journal in minutes and can publish up to five articles per year for free.

We want your journal to grow and want you to grow with us. In time, we hope you will upgrade to our unlimited package and then on to our full-text HTML product that will make your research even more discoverable; but only when the time is right! Even then, we will only charge £300 per article, which is much, much lower than traditional publishers.

But that’s for the future. You just need to get started. So what are you waiting for? Your journal awaits. Launch it today for free. There is no obligation and you will be changing publishing for the better!

Veruscript Publishing Services helps you to launch your own journals. Our basic package is free of charge, which lets you publish up to five PDF articles per year and gives you your own website. Launch your journal today by contacting us at

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