Medical Preprints—A Debate Worth Having

David M. Maslove. Medical Preprints—A Debate Worth Having. JAMA. Published online November 30, 2017. doi:10.1001/jama.2017.17566

“Ultimately the key question is what is the problem preprints are aiming to address? Traditional peer review may well be less expedient than posting a preprint. But the latter could lead to wide dissemination of inaccurate and potentially harmful clinical and public health information and to researchers pursuing hypotheses that are subsequently found to lack proper grounding, thereby erasing any gains made from the rapid dissemination of results. Accelerating the pace of medical research is a worthwhile goal. The larger question is how to achieve this efficiently, and with the necessary safeguards in place. At the very least, the debate over medical preprints is one worth having.”

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