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This table shows a list of our members that have set (some of) their references to Closed. A new reference distribution policy, effective January 1st, 2018 was adopted by the board in 2017. Crossref members can choose to set their references to ‘Open’, ‘Limited’, or ‘Closed’, per prefix. Here is the list of the members with Open references.

Please note

  • If you do not see a publisher on this list, then their references are not ‘Closed’. Check the ‘Open’ list and if not there, they are ‘Limited’.
  • Not all members deposit references with the rest of their metadata—around one third do include them (3068 out of our9232 members).
  • Some members have more than one prefix, and some may be Closed but other prefixes not. This could be because a prefix is used for a specific content type that doesn’t generally have references e.g. datasets or components.
Prefix Member name
10.25013 American Association for Thoracic Surgery
10.14219 American Dental Association
10.1331 American Pharmacists Association
10.1016 Elsevier
10.1006 Elsevier – Academic Press
10.1367 Elsevier – Ambulatory Pediatric Associates
10.1602 Elsevier – American Society for Experimental Neurotherapeutics
10.2353 Elsevier – American Society for Investigative Pathology
10.1529 Elsevier – Biophysical Society
10.7424 Elsevier – Central Mining Institute
10.3816 Elsevier – CIG Media Group LP
10.3921 Elsevier – Colegio Nacional de Opticos-Optometristas de Espana
10.1157 Elsevier – Ediciones Doyma
10.1205 Elsevier – Institution of Chemical Engineers
10.3182 Elsevier – International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC)
10.4065 Elsevier – Mayo Clinic Proceedings
10.1383 Elsevier – Medicine Publishing Company
10.1067 Elsevier – Mosby
10.1078 Elsevier – Urban & Fischer Verlag
10.1053 Elsevier – WB Saunders
10.158 Elsevier – Wilderness Medical Society
10.2111 Elsevier (Society for Range Management)
10.1054 Elsevier- Churchill Livingstone
10.1197 Elsevier- Hanley and Belfus Inc.
10.124 Elsevier- Spektrum Akademischer Verlag
10.23918 Ishik University
10.2139 Social Science Electronic Publishing (SSRN)
10.7811 Sociedad Argentina de Radiologia
10.1364 The Optical Society
10.1533 Woodhead Publishing

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