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2017 has been a good year for Wellcome Open Research! As we step into the holiday season we thought it a good time to have look back at what we has been happening on our blog this year. We share our top five blog posts for 2017, covering various topics from benefits of our open peer review model for creating conversations opening up channels of collaboration to the various milestones that we have reached. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our authors and reviewers who have contributed to Wellcome Open Research’s success this year.

Reaching a milestone

Less than a year since launching we published our 100th article in August 2017. To mark this milestone, Michael Markie and I gave an overview of the type of research that has been published since our launch including how it has been used and analysed the datasets underlying these publications.


For speed and for sharing

In May, we discovered that speed of publication and variety of article types are two of the factors that our authors appreciate most. We surveyed our first 50 authors to find out what they thought of our publishing and peer review model. We discussed the survey results and the actions to be taken in what was our second most popular post of the year.



Let’s celebrate!

November brought celebrations as we marked our first birthday. Wellcome Open Research might only be a year old, but in that time it has already hit a number of milestones. To mark this auspicious occasion we put together an infographic highlighting some of the key numbers that made up our first year.



Channels of collaboration

Making data immediately and publicly available facilitates collaboration and allows groups to begin secondary analysis unhindered – this is the view of two of our authors, Irene Omedo and Philip Bejon from KEMRI-Wellcome Trust. In a guest blog in April, they discussed the benefits of immediate publication and open science for malaria research.



Bringing the peer review conversation to life

Our open peer review model can act as a two-way conversation – but what does it mean for both authors and reviewers? In June, we explored the conversation between authors, Jürg Bähle and María Rodríguez-López from UCL, and reviewers Damien Helmand and Carlo Yague-Sanz, University of Namur, about a protocol paper written in response to a need from the CRISPR community and the process of the living article in a video interview.

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