In defence of the chatbot

Remember chatbots? That thing everyone talked about before blockchain swooped in and stole the show? Well, according to Wired, Chatbots are dead. Brands already cooled on chatbots in 2017 and the shutdown of M, a Facebook Messenger bot which automatically completes tasks for users, might be the final nail in the coffin. But should we really be dismissing chatbots that quickly?

We caught up with John Keefe, bot developer at Quartz; Eduardo Suárezand Miguel Eduardo Gil Biraud from Politibot, a chatbot platform that was created in 2016 for the Spanish elections; and Philipp Naderer from Austrian public broadcaster ORF who created the Wahl-bot for the Austrian presidential elections — all to get a better idea of where chatbots stand in early 2018, whether newsrooms should invest in them, and how to make a chatbot live up to our expectations.

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