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Back in 1960 Theodore Levitt, wrote a paper called Marketing Myopia which argued that companies don’t spend enough time looking at the big picture to understand what customers want or need.  Levitt famously told students, “People don’t want a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole!”

Current, Harvard Business School professor, John Deighton suggests that it’s time for publishers to ask Levitt’s central question: What business are we really in? “There seems to be a myopic attachment to the word ‘publish’ that is a production-oriented take on the industry. But what are customers really looking for?” They don’t want newspapers or magazines, he says. “They want to be entertained, informed, stimulated, by people more interesting than their friends and acquaintances,” he argues. “Only a production-oriented publisher would defend the form of delivery over the value of the experience it delivers.”

Pubtechgator brings together a range of opinions from community of experts, thought leaders, companies and academics to help STM and academic publishers explore what the future might look like.

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