Which universities have the most Academia users?

University of Oxford, one of the many universities on Academia

Academia hosts a global community of faculty members, students, independent researchers, and other academics. Over 45 million people have joined the site, and more than 7 million of them have listed a university or other organization that they’re affiliated with. In all, more than 130,000 universities in over 80 countries are represented on Academia. Continue reading “Which universities have the most Academia users?”

Academia.edu, Citations, and Open Science in Action

On May 8, we announced the results of a year-long study of articles posted to Academia.edu. In the study, we asked whether posting an article to Academia.edu was associated with more citations. We found — after controlling for a number of factors and applying several statistical models — that a typical paper posted to the site received about 83% more citations than similar papers that were only available behind paywalls. This translated to about one extra citation every year for the median paper. Continue reading “Academia.edu, Citations, and Open Science in Action”

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