Blackboard and ReadSpeaker Partner to Enhance Accessibility of Digital Course Content

ReadSpeaker’s leading text-to-speech technology integrated into Blackboard Ally, helping instructors worldwide create more accessible content for learners

WASHINGTON, D.C., January 23, 2018Blackboard and ReadSpeaker are furthering their partnership to help instructors worldwide improve the accessibility of course content for their students. Currently, ReadSpeaker is Blackboard’s exclusive text-to-speech provider that is fully integrated within Blackboard’s learning management systems, supporting Universal Design for Learning (UDL). Now, as part of this extended collaboration, ReadSpeaker’s text-to-speech technology will also be integrated within Blackboard Ally as an offline audio alternative for course content. This allows students to automatically access an MP3 version of content added by the instructor into the LMS. Continue reading “Blackboard and ReadSpeaker Partner to Enhance Accessibility of Digital Course Content”

A new service for the members of Nikkei Medical Online

January 17, 2018 – Tokyo, Japan – Cactus Communications K.K. (Head Office:Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Makoto Yuasa/ Representative Director, hereinafter called “Cactus”), which operates Editage, launched a new service “Support for medical paper writing & submission” for medical doctors/medical workers in cooperation with Nikkei Business Publication, Inc. (Head office:Minato-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO:Suguru Niinomi, hereinafter called “Nikkei BP”. Continue reading “A new service for the members of Nikkei Medical Online”

Get the essence: introducing search snippets

Reading scientific papers can be very time consuming. So you should not waste a minute searching for the relevant literature. Thanks to the cutting-edge search technologies Europe PMC helps you find facts and evidence in research publications in a blink of an eye. Search results now display snippets – highlights from the article matching your query. For every result you can see up to two snippets, separated by an ellipsis. Continue reading “Get the essence: introducing search snippets”

How to listen to BMJ articles using Firefox

Hat tip to M.G. Siegler for alerting us to the narrate feature in Firefox. To listen to a BMJ article in Firefox:

  1. Go to a BMJ article for example:
  2. Go to the Reader View by clicking on the Reader View reader mode icon 57 icon in the address bar
  3. Then click on the “Narrate” button on the left hand side
  4. Listen and visually follow along to the text. You can change the voice to have a British or American accent


It’s Gonna Get a Lot Easier to Break Science Journal Paywalls

ANURAG ACHARYA’S PROBLEM was that the Google search bar is very smart, but also kind of dumb. As a Googler working on search 13 years ago, Acharya wanted to make search results encompass scholarly journal articles. A laudable goal, because unlike the open web, most of the raw output of scientific research was invisible—hidden behind paywalls. People might not even know it existed. “I grew up in India, and most of the time you didn’t even know if something existed. If you knew it existed, you could try to get it,” Acharya says. “‘How do I get access?’ is a second problem. If I don’t know about it, I won’t even try.”

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Revolutionizing Research Discovery: An Interview with Sparrho

Discovering and tracking the latest research can be overwhelming tasks, even for senior researchers. With the increasing number of articles that get published each year, keeping oneself well versed with the newest developments in the field is becoming more and more time-consuming. Thankfully, advances in machine learning and natural language processing has helped to simplify this process. Sparrho is one such platform with a mission to help researchers stay on top of the latest publications across all fields of science via dynamic feeds and expert-curated pinboards.

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Remarq Proves Its Effectiveness

As 2017 ended, analyses of the initial pilots for Remarq® revealed how effectively the product increases engagement for editors, authors, and publishers.

We compared statistics before and after activation of Remarq in some cases, but also were able to compare Remarq journals to non-Remarq journals in portfolios where Remarq was only placed on a subset of titles. Using the first 60 journals employing Remarq as the population, we found a comparative effect and a portfolio effect. Continue reading “Remarq Proves Its Effectiveness”

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