PoolParty GraphSearch brings knowledge search to a new level

There is a strong connection between information storage and retrieval, namely how information storage is implemented under the hood directly impacts the retrieval or search.

The knowledge management techniques we adopt have an immense impact on our daily productivity. For that reason, a lot of thought is given by us when we store information, asking questions such as which tools we should use for the very same purpose.

In this blog post, we will see the reasons behind why PoolParty GraphSearch is a very powerful semantic search tool, but before dwelling into that we go back to an old-school method of knowledge management called “Zettelkasten”. Continue reading “PoolParty GraphSearch brings knowledge search to a new level”

This article introduces a number of OpenType and Unicode-related topics: starting out with a discussion of what is meant by a “character” and moving on to introduce scripts/languages, Unicode encoding and UTF-8—together with an example of working with a multilingual text file containing English and Arabic text. Our objective is to provide an introduction to some key terms/topics and piece together a basic framework to show how those topics are related—providing users of LaTeX with some helpful background information.

Screenshot showing a multilingual UTF-8 text file open in a HEX editor

Know More About SciCrunch and RRIDs: An Interview with Dr. Anita Bandrowski (Part 2)

SciCrunchIn the second part of this interview series, Anita shares with us the importance of Research Resource Identifiers (RRIDs) and how they can improve the value of a research paper. She also discusses the importance of reproducibility in academic research and highlights how journals, publishers, and funding agencies are requiring strict adherence to reproducibility guidelines. In addition, Anita…
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PIDapalooza – the open festival for persistent identifiers

In 2016 three persistent identifier (PID) organizations – Crossref, DataCite and ORCID – together with California Digital Library organized PIDapalooza, the first open festival for PIDs. The next PIDapalooza will take place on 23–24 January 2018 in Girona, Spain. This review reports back on PIDapalooza 2016 and looks forward to PIDapalooza 2018. 

Published on 2017-11-08 12:27:12

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