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Here’s a list — building on and including Chris’ last roundup — of crypto readings and resources. It’s organized from building blocks and basics; foundations (& history); and key concepts and beginners’ guides — followed by specific topics such as governance; privacy and security; scaling; consensus; cryptoeconomics and investing; fundraising and token distribution; decentralized exchanges; stablecoins; and cryptoeconomic primitives (crytocollectibles, curation markets, games). We also included a section with developer tutorials, practical guides, and maker stories — as well as other resources, such as newsletters and courses, at the end.

We’ll soon be updating this regularly at, for now we’ll keep it updated here. You can also find most of a16z’s writings, posts, and videos on the topic at

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Improving Our Video Experience

Part Three: Accessibility


Illustration by Jason Fujikuni

This is the third and final post in a series about the progress and achievements of our video delivery platform. The previous posts are Part One: Our On-Demand Video Platform and Part Two: Our Live Streaming Platform.

Improving the accessibility of the video experience on our web properties was one of our main goals for 2017. In this post, we will talk about how we built closed captions support into our video delivery platform and how we made the control set on our video player more accessible. Continue reading “Improving Our Video Experience”

Microsoft researchers unlock the black box of network embedding

At the ACM Conference on Web Search and Data Mining 2018, my team will introduce research that, for the first time, provides a theoretical explanation of popular methods used to automatically map the structure and characteristics of networks, known as network embedding. We then use this theoretical explanation to present a new network embedding method that performs as well as or better than existing methods. Continue reading “Microsoft researchers unlock the black box of network embedding”

Introducing PeerConnect.js

Introducing PeerConnect

A Peer 2 Peer Content Distribution Network powered by WebRTC and WebTorrent


As applications scale and grow in users, the answer has always been to buy more server/computing space. This is one option, but why rely solely on one centralized point? Along with the idea of building a more decentralized web, we built PeerConnect, a P2P Content Distribution Network, as a proof of concept idea to reduce server load by relying on the clients to host static content (videos/images). To do so, we incorporated WebRTC, a collection of protocols that provides real time communications over peer to peer connections, and WebTorrent, a distributed file delivery protocol inspired by BitTorrent and also built with WebRTC. Continue reading “Introducing PeerConnect.js”

AI and Blockchain: Opportunities to Meet The Evolving Needs of Researchers

“Blockchain technology has the potential to solve some of the most prominent issues currently facing scholarly communication, such as those around costs, openness, and universal accessibility to scientific information [see full article here]. According to Dr. Joris van Rossum—who will be keynoting the NFAIS Annual Conference—one of the promises of blockchain is the creation of a unified but decentralized, transparent database that tracks every stage of the scientific process, from data collection to publishing findings.”

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Publishers are understandably concerned about piracy, but the STM/NISO initiative RA21 “to align and simplify pathways to subscribed content across participating scientific platforms” has scoped its problem the wrong way. Simply put: It’s not about security. It’s about identity. Every individual should be in control of their own identity. Can RA21 realize its potential to serve the broader interests of scientists and academia, not just the understandable objectives of publishers and vendors?

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Location data is transforming every industry (VB Live)

Prince Nasr Harfouche, a principal at Deloitte Consulting LLP, joins this upcoming VB Live event to share how every industry can leverage location intelligence to transform their digital marketing strategy. Learn how location intelligence, incorporated into digital strategies, helps engage consumers in real time, increases brand loyalty, and provides actionable data. 

Register here for free. Continue reading “Location data is transforming every industry (VB Live)”

Google Search will start ranking faster mobile pages higher in July

Google today announced a new project to improve its mobile search results: factoring page speed into its search ranking. As the company notes, page speed “has been used in ranking for some time” but that was largely for desktop searches. Starting in July 2018, page speed will be a ranking factor for mobile searches on Google as well. Continue reading “Google Search will start ranking faster mobile pages higher in July”

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