More than half of Facebook Instant Articles partners may have abandoned it

More than half of Facebook’s launch partners on Instant Articles appear to have abandoned the format, new Tow Center research suggests. Of 72 publishers that Facebook identified as original partners in May and October 2015, our analysis of 2,308 links posted to their Facebook pages on January 17, 2018, finds that 38 publications did not […]

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Above: Declining use of Instant Articles by The New York Times, Vox, and The Washington Post, April 2016–November 2017.

The media today: Is Facebook leaving journalism?

“Facebook is done with journalism,” journalist and media critic Frédéric Filloux writes in his Monday Note. “It will happen, slowly, gradually, but the trend is here.” Since Facebook announced last week that it will tweak its News Feed to favor updates from friends and family over publishers’ content, news organizations have struggled to grasp what […]

How WeChat became the primary news source in China

Editor’s note: This article is the first of two in a series on WeChat. The second, “WeChat reaches audiences conventional media in China cannot” can be found here. Flourishing social media platforms like WeChat are changing journalism in China. In place of legacy media companies, independent influencers called Key Opinion Leaders, or KOLs, are attracting […]

10 resolutions for newsroom managers in 2018

NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS are intended to give us an optimistic start on the road ahead.  For too many of us, though, they are wishes rather than commitments, and we fail to follow through. Change is hard.

So, here’s my suggestion. Gather with key colleagues and read these like a shopping list.  Choose the ideas that bring the most benefit to your team. Pledge to tackle them—and to keep each other honest.

To make these resolutions as practical as possible, I reached out on social media to tap the brains of lots of news leaders.  Thanks to the magic of crowdsourcing,  my friends all but wrote this column for me!

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Civil says the future of media is blockchains and cryptocurrencies

Plenty of startups are trying to reinvent the news business by adding features such as micro-payments or mobile video. But a startup called Civil is trying to take a quantum leap beyond these efforts: It’s not just inventing its own platform for news and journalism, it’s also inventing its own currency. Civil, founded by Matthew […]

Podcast: The evolution of audio, Facebook’s political reckoning, and civil war at the WSJ

THIS WEEK ON THE KICKER, Meg speaks with Glynn Washington about the evolution of his podcast Snap Judgment, as well as the importance of voice in audio. Then, Pete and Tow Editor Nausicaa Renner discuss a tense set of hearings on Capitol Hill for Facebook, Google, and Twitter. Finally, Senior Editor Christie Chisholm and Delacorte Fellow Karen K. Ho join the pod to talk about the media news of the week.

Are fancy socks—and other swag—the future of news?

This subscription season’s New Yorker tote bag has been compared to a Birkin bag, which, if you are a woman of a certain age and cultural capital, is a very big deal. The bag’s cache offers an important lesson for the news industry—people still like news stuff, even if they aren’t exactly feasting on the […]

Social media crackdowns at the Times and Journal will backfire

The relationship between media outlets and social platforms like Twitter has always been tense. On some level, publishers know they have to be on social media, because that’s where the news happens, and it’s also where content gets shared—but at the same time, they are afraid of what might happen if reporters and editors speak […]

The ad industry is changing—here’s what publishers can expect

The advertising landscape is undergoing its most sweeping transformation in years. Apple just released the new version of Safari, which prioritizes user privacy; an updated version of Google’s Chrome, with a new ad filter, comes out in January; and new rules on data protection in the European Union take effect in May. These changes will […]

Journalism nonprofit offers seed money for news ‘experimentation’

An institute dedicated to strengthening local journalism is launching an initiative aimed at developing and sustaining new ideas and fostering a venture-capitalist approach to the business. The Philadelphia-based Lenfest Institute for Journalism has ponied up $1 million for grants, in an approach that is similar to that of an incubator for startups. “It’s important not […]

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