Can social Stories work for news organizations — without putting them on a platform?

On platforms like Snapchat and Instagram, Stories are cute — they’re perfectly designed for your phone’s screen, they can feel more narrative than disconnected posts, you can be pithy while still including more information than a regular post, and you can communicate more directly with your audience. But they also have drawbacks: the public can’t really see them after 24 hours, and they’re accessible only by users of those apps. Continue reading “Can social Stories work for news organizations — without putting them on a platform?”

Episode 03: Long Live Long-form

Andrew and Sachin take a look at engaged time data that shows we have a greater attention span for news content than what traditional bounce rate suggests. If someone visits one page on a website and bounces, they didn’t necessarily have a bad experience—in fact, they probably had a good one. In addition to rethinking “good” vs. “bad” site visits, they discuss recent media mergers and the FCC and go +1/-1 on “podfasting,” pivoting to video, and Google AMP.

Publishers suffer in spar between social giants

As competition among social media companies heats up, publishers are being taken for granted. In the past two years, social media platforms rolled out a range of products designed to hook publishers. Snapchat Discover, Facebook Instant Articles, Apple News, Twitter Moments, and Google AMP all provide a space to publish content directly within platforms. Publishers, which have been losing advertising dollars to companies like Google and Facebook for years, are adopting these tools in the hopes of reaching more readers and pulling in revenue.

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