Understanding and supporting researchers’ choices in sharing their publications: the launch of the FairShare Network and Shareable PDF

Researchers have for many years had access to new platforms and channels for networking and sharing resources, but the pace of growth in their usage of these networks has substantially increased recently. This has led to full-text sharing on a scale that concerns publishers and libraries, because of the proportion of such sharing that infringes copyright. This article summarizes key findings of a 2017 survey that explored researchers’ awareness of and behaviours in relation to scholarly collaboration networks and other emerging mechanisms for discovering and gaining access to content, along with their views on copyright. The article also describes ‘Shareable PDF’, a new approach to PDF-based sharing that better enables such sharing to be measured and contextualized, and which has recently been successfully launched with authors and readers. Published on 2018-03-28 14:47:55

Kudos in 2017

It has been another busy year for Kudos – between the launch of our new registration page and publication page, the Shareable PDF pilot, developing a research impact quiz, having our own research study published and being named as one of Outsell’s companies to watch – 2017 has been a highly successful year for Kudos!

We now have over 80 publishers partnering with us to build usage and strengthen their relationships and support for authors. Continue reading “Kudos in 2017”

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