Are you in a newsroom right now? Take a look at your social media team. What are they doing Most likely, they’re posting stories from your staff on Twitter and Facebook. They’re checking Google Analytics or or Chartbeat to see if those links are successfully penetrating the fickle social media universe. They’re explaining to another young reporter why she needs to change the name on her Twitter account to, well, anything else but @FoxyGrrrl15.

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Your Quick Guide to Using LinkedIn to Distribute Content

This article was originally published by NewsWhip.

What type of stories go viral on LinkedIn, and how does the algorithm impact the visibility of certain posts? Below, we take a closer look at the content process on the business professionals’ network.

Earlier this month, we looked at how LinkedIn has been investing in video capabilities. But video isn’t the only area of content that has been succeeding on LinkedIn. Earlier this year, Digiday reported on how business publishers were seeing growth in referrals from the platform.

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