How The Economist’s new app tries to keep people from unsubscribing

To grow reader revenue, publishers are increasingly putting customers at the center of their organizations to drive subscriptions and retention.

For the past eight months, The Economist has worked to drive retention, as it’s cheaper to keep readers than to acquire new ones. Case in point is its new Economist app, which went live May 2 and is free to download, but requires a subscription to access articles. Continue reading “How The Economist’s new app tries to keep people from unsubscribing”

Data journalism on radio, audio and podcasts

In a previous post I talked about how data journalism stories are told in different ways on TV and in online video. I promised I’d do the same for audio and radio — so here it is: examples from my MA in Data Journalism to give you ideas for telling data stories using audio.

this american life

As with any audio post, This American Life features heavily: not only is the programme one of the best examples of audio journalism around — it also often involves data too.

Right To Remain Silent is one particularly good example, because it’s about bad data: specifically. police who manipulated official statistics.

You might also listen to Choosing Wrong, which includes a section about polling.

Another favourite of mine is an audio story by The Economist about the prostitution industry, based on data scraped from sex trade websites: More bang for your buck (there are even worse puns in the charts).

David Rhodes, a BBC data journalist, has a range of stories on his Audioboom account, including pieces on Radio 4, Radio 5 Live, and this piece from the excellent factchecking radio programme, More or Less.

In podcasting this episode of The Allusionist tells a story about an experiment with data and dating.

Finally, I have to include an episode of Radiolab, one of my favourite podcasts. Shots Fired — which is split into two episodes — employs the common approach of interviewing the journalist who undertook a data-driven investigation (in other words, hooking the story on the journalist’s ‘quest’). It’s embedded below. For a geekier trip, try their podcast about Benford’s Law.

Podcasts about data journalism

There are also many great podcasts about data itself — one of my former students compiled a list for GIJN:

If you’ve heard any other examples of data stories being told through audio, please let me know — I’m always on the lookout for more!

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The Economist, Bloomberg Media Distribution Ink Video Licensing Deal

Screen-Shot-2017-06-01-at-1.42.55-PMAs media brands continue to embrace content licensing and synidcation as an alternative revenue source, two of the biggest names in financial news are teaming up to form a global video distribution partnership.

Beginning in Q3, Bloomberg Media Distribution will offer clients access to The Economist‘s Daily Watch series of original short films covering everything from news and finance to politics, tech, and science.

It’s all part of an effort to offer clients the best consumer experience possible across any device, Josh Rucci, general manger of Bloomberg Media Distribution, tells Folio:.

“The Daily Watch series covers a range of topics, each comprising a sub-series under The Economist’s Daily Watch brand,” Rucci says. “We think these strengthen our offering of smart, insightful content, and will look to build upon this based on customer demand.”

For Bloomberg, the Economist partnership comes on the heels of similar distribution deals signed last October with The Hollywood Reporter, Billboard, Mexican-based outlet El Financierio, and STAT.

The Economist is one of the great global brands in high-quality business journalism,” adds Rucci. “Bloomberg strives to present the best user experience to our customers… Our relationship with The Economist is a natural fit with our portfolio and global customer base.”

As for The Economist, access to Bloomberg clients likely offers the London-based outlet a valuable opportunity for brand positioning as it aims to raise its global profile, particularly in North America.

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